Prudence Island & Coastal RI Homes and Real Estate for Sale



Once you have discovered how wonderful Prudence Island is, and have made the decision to move towards buying your own little piece of paradise, consider this:


If your interest is in one of my listed properties I can still assist you in the process of making a purchase. While I do owe a fiduciary duty to the seller(s) of the property, I still treat buyers fairly and honestly and can work with you on many aspects of the transaction while still honoring my relationship with the owner(s).


If you happen to find a property for sale that is not listed with me, we can enter into a real estate agency relationship wherein I would now represent your best interests in a transaction. You would then have the benefit of my 45+ years of experience in this very unique market and my knowledge of the island gained over that period of time. I can use my knowledge and skills to negotiate on your behalf and hopefully to bring about a purchase that best suits your needs and desires.


Contact me if you'd like to hear more about what I can do for you in the purchase of a Prudence Island home.

Fred Stevenson